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Soul Coherence Therapy


A Soul Coherence Therapy Session offers the combined benefits of healing with light, together with non-dual psychotherapy processes and guided meditation.  Through the blending of these practices, awareness of the nature of the Self is increased, and the conditioning imprinted within the mind-body field is gradually transformed.  Sessions may include eye movement therapy and meridian therapy to support integration.  Soul Coherence sessions can be experienced seated, or on a healing table, depending upon the degree of hands-on healing work the client wishes to receive.

2 hrs


Soul Coherence Sessions


Skype Sessions are available internationally for Soul Coherence Therapy, including Past-Life, and Childhood and Birth Therapy, and Soul Coaching.


Contact Helen for further details about available session times, based upon your location.

2 hrs


Soul Centered Healing


A Soul Centered Healing Session is an opportunity to deeply relax, and receive the abundant healing energies of the universal field. During the session you will be brought gently into resonance with your own higher consciousness, and your field will be bathed in the specific frequencies of light that you need. The session can be conducted with or without music, whatever you prefer. The key energy centres in your body are brought into greater balance and harmony during the session, and you may experience feelings of peace, spaciousness, unconditional love, and emotional release if needed.


1 hr


Soul Coaching


Soul Coaching Sessions provide insight into the key emotional and mental imprints that are affecting your life, and offer practical suggestions for resolving them. The process may include higher-sensory observation, reflection and discussion related to personal samskaras, ancestral influences and epigenetic trauma carried in your mind-body field. ​As part of a Soul Coaching Session you may also explore the key intentions you have set in place for this lifetime, and consider how these have emerged from experiences in your past. These sessions are designed to support your journey of personal transformation and awakening, and work in tandem with self-help practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

1 hr


Metamorphic Technique


The Metamorphic Technique is a light-touch process, focusing on the feet, hands, and head. It was originally developed by Robert St John and was later taught by Gaston St Pierre. The modality is based on discoveries related to the connection between a person's emotional state and points on their feet. Unlike reflexology, this massage is very gentle and is often found to be more relaxing than a full-body massage.

The positive effects are largely emotional, psychological, and spiritual, although physical improvements have been reported over time.  It is a very safe therapy, and it can be used successfully even in situations where there are symptoms of severe stress or illness.

1 hr 15 mins.


Introductory Session


Are you interested in finding out more about Soul Centered Healing and Soul Coherence Therapy?  Do you want to explore a bit more deeply and establish if this work is the right fit for you?

You are welcome to book an Introductory Session with Helen, where you can discuss your needs, and learn more about what Soul Centered Healing can offer you.

45 mins.


About the Therapy Process

  • Because Soul Centered Healing and Soul Coherence Therapy work very deeply, it is best to allow adequate time between sessions for integration. In most instances, sessions can be comfortably spaced between two and four weeks apart.  

  • The number of sessions needed differs between individuals. Generally it is advisable to commit to a series of sessions in order to bring about lasting effects. The reason for this relates to how the human brain works. Research is showing that significant repetition of new skills (or states of awareness) is needed in order to establish connections between neurons in the brain.  Chemical changes (short term) can happen quickly, but long term changes require both repetition and focused application of the new input.

  • The healing that takes place in SCH and SCT sessions sets in motion profound changes in your mind-body field.  For these changes to become permanent, and for them to be fully integrated, it works best to practice Meditation with Light and engage in self-healing processes at home between your sessions.

       Helen is  developing a range of audio and multi-media resources to assist you in confidently meditating and           

       using self-directed healing practices at home. These are designed to help you gain the most benefit from your
       Soul Centered Healing experience.  Visit the CTV page to for free meditations currently available on video.


Contact Helen

Thank you for your message. Helen will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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