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Featuring over four hundred pages of groundbreaking material on consciousness, the mind-body field, and the process of spiritual transformation, including thirty-nine illustrations, diagrams, and charts,Transcendence: Journey of the Soul is an essential resource for those seeking to heal the hurts of the past and awaken to their true nature.

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Transcendence The Book Waiting For

Transcendence is the book

you have been waiting for,

if you want to...

›   Understand and access your true nature


›   Increase the benefits of your meditation practice


›   Work effectively with the psychology of your mind-body field


›   Approach your life from a deeper perspective


›   Amplify peace and loving-kindness in your inner world


›   Find meaning and joy in simply being


›   Heal from past hurts and trauma

This information-packed volume offers the chance to...

Increase your understanding of how trauma healing and spiritual transformation intersect.

Learn about the deeper dimensions of the human energy field, and how to connect with them to bring peace and bliss to your life.

Discover how to use meditation to wire yourself for kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness - reframing your past and changing your future. 

woman contemplating

Praise for Transcendence: Journey of the Soul

"If you share my belief that there are many more dimensions to life than the four most humans focus on, you will find this book a delight. Helen provides the most clear, well-organised guide I have seen, to all the subtle dimensions within us and in the spiritual realms that surround and permeate us.

One of the many gifts of Transcendence: Journey of the Soul is that it acknowledges and faces into the reality of suffering in human life, but it gives a context to understand it, and processes to grow through it. 


This book is beautifully presented: the page layout and font size are spacious, and there are excellent diagrams and images to explain some of the subtler concepts. I highly recommend Transcendence and feel confident that it will be a powerful catalyst for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey."

Alan Heeks, author of Natural Happiness,

Though ultimately the silence that exists deep within

is our most profound teacher, without some assistance appearing at the level of the mind and the five senses,

it would be difficult indeed to redirect our awareness towards our freedom.


Words and images are among the gifts we give ourselves to strike the chord of remembering within: to ignite the inner certainty needed to persist in our spiritual unfolding, even when the going gets tough.


Just as knowledge of childbirth can help us navigate the intense process of labour, knowledge of the process of spiritual transformation can help midwife us through the life-altering changes that awakening brings.


It is for this purpose that Transcendence: Journey of the Soul has been written.


Helen White Wolf

Helen White Wolf photo
Foster Gamble.png

"I have received and read your remarkable work - TRANSCENDENCE: Journey of the Soul. It's absolutely extraordinary. 


I seldom come across a book so thoroughly researched and explicated, not to mention beautifully illustrated (especially the toroidal depictions!). I am very inspired by what you have done."

Foster Gamble
Producer and Director - Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take? (2011), Thrive II: This is What it Takes (2020) and The Song That Calls You Home (2020).


More Praise for Transcendence: Journey of the Soul

"I found Helen a few years back, and her insights and guidance to me have been invaluable during this time. Her book, Transcendence: Journey of the Soul, not only gives the earnest spiritual seeker a grand overview of the journey they are on but can also provide timely information the seeker needs to overcome any obstacles and plateaus that they may encounter.

The book also details a simple set of spiritual practices that can be used to lead to major advancements on the path, and in a gentle way."  

Robert G, Hypnotherapist (UK)

Transcendence has a three-part structure. Each section focuses on a specific body of information related to spiritual transformation.

In Part, I we begin by exploring the nature of consciousness, and its relationship to our human energy field.


Here you will find descriptions of the deepest levels of supraconscious awareness, our ‘ground of being’, sometimes called pure consciousness, true nature, or emptiness. In this section, we discuss the many levels of the human energy field, from the most spacious and subtle causal dimensions of our experience, all the way through to the everyday mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our mind-body field. 

Part I: Consciousness and
The Mind-Body Field
perspective grid, beautiful galaxy and stars
Part II: Journey of the Soul
golden pathway leads into the sun

In Part II, we explore human life as a process of learning across many incarnations, or embodiments.


Here you will find information about the process of reincarnation, the dynamics of karma, and the key role of Soul intention. We look at subjects such as life-between-lives, Soul agreements, free will, and destiny, and we tap into the amazing reservoir of spiritual assistance available to us from the ‘inner levels’ during our lifetimes on Earth.

Part III: Soul Psychology
image of boy blended with galaxies and stars

In Part III, we begin by examining the origins of human suffering, both from an existential and primal viewpoint, and we explore the key principles and qualities of consciousness that bring about its resolution.


Next, we take a deep dive into the process of healing and spiritual awakening. We cover a significant amount of ground in this section, with topics ranging from how to transform the heavy conditioning or ‘imprints’ in our mind-body field, through a discussion of the essence creation process, leading on to the topic of supraconscious states of awareness.


We take a detailed look at meditation and contemplative practice as a means of transforming our inner world, exploring both the neurobiological principles and subtle energy dynamics involved in these processes. 

Reflections on Transcendence: Journey of the Soul

"Just finished reading Transcendence: Journey of the Soul. Brilliant, astounding what you’ve done. I really got that awakening comes from going within, and then manifests as needed on the outer, beyond the mind and the familiar.


My meditation now feels more effective. I feel the inner worlds more: all the aspects and layers. A quantum shift for me. 10 out of 10."

Charles T.  (NZ)

As we focus our attention upon gratitude, the nagging feeling that something is inherently wrong with life - experienced perhaps as a vague sense of unease swirling uncomfortably just below the surface of our awareness - is replaced by a deeper sense, beyond thought and beyond emotion, at a level indefinable, that everything is immeasurably good, whole, and complete. The state of gratitude is our cognitive recognition of this all-pervading fathomless perfection.

Transcendence: Journey of the Soul

Chapter 26: Approaching our Spiritual Practice


On the subject of gratitude...

Free Webinar: Journey into Transcendence

Join author Helen White Wolf for a guided journey into the groundbreaking new book Transcendence: Journey of the Soul, exploring the nature of reality, and the dynamic process of spiritual awakening.


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