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Join Helen and her husband Rama for SatsangGuided Meditation,
Soul Immersion, Q & A, on CONSCIOUSNESS TV

about non-dual therapy

Non-Dual Therapy and Meditation Practices 
affirm and recognise that...


Your Life is an


Turn your attention to your inner light, to the Peace and Freedom of

Your True Nature

From this place you flower and create a new reality; one that arises from timelessness, and is carried by grace.

As you discover the nature of the Self, a new universe of joy
and abundance opens to you


First answer the question
Who Am I?

Everything else will follow


Helen White Wolf is a spiritual teacher and practitioner of non-dual therapy.


She works as a guide, mentor and therapist, sustained by her own
continually deepening experience of awakening. 


Initially training as a spiritual healer in her early twenties, she has spent more than thirty-five years working with clients and students around the world, observing, researching, and engaging with the process of spiritual awakening from a higher-sensory perspective.


Helen offers a range of therapeutic options, including Soul Coherence sessions internationally via Skype or Zoom, and Soul Centered Healing sessions locally in New Zealand. 

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Sessions are available internationally

via Skype or Zoom


A range of times are available for national and

international sessions. 

Please inquire for details relevant to your location.

Woman Receiving Soul Centered Healing Via Skype
soul Centered healing 

A Soul Centered Healing Session is an opportunity to deeply relax, and receive the beautiful and uplifting healing energies from the universal field.


During the session you will be brought gently into connection with the field of higher consciousness, and be bathed in the precise healing frequencies of light that you need.


These sessions help you regain your sense of inner balance, clear away feelings of heaviness, and support experiences of peace, spaciousness, and unconditional love.


Sometimes, deeply healing emotional release occurs.


You can receive the session with or without music, whichever you prefer.

Woman Receiving Soul Centered Healing
Soul Coherence therapy

Soul Coherence Therapy sessions offer the combined benefits of healing with light, together with a synthesis of highly effective therapy processes, carried in the deeply supportive space of non-dual Consciousness

These sessions are a powerful way to shift your core beliefs, and step into a whole new relationship with life. 

SCT sessions can be conducted while you are seated in a chair, or relaxing on the healing table, depending upon the degree of hands-on healing support you would like to receive.


Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching Sessions provide insight into the key emotional and mental imprints that are affecting your life, and offer practical suggestions for resolving them.


The process may include higher-sensory observation, and reflection/discussion related to personal samskaras, ancestral influences and epigenetic trauma carried in your mind-body field.

As part of a Soul Coaching Session you may also explore the key intentions you have set in place for this lifetime, and consider how these have emerged from experiences in your past.


These sessions are designed to support your journey of personal transformation and awakening, and work in tandem with self-help practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.


book an Introductory Session

Book a 45-Minute Introductory Session with Helen,
where you can discuss your needs, learn more

about what Soul  Centered Healing has to offer, and receive a 20-minute energy healing, for only NZ$60.00

Woman Receiving Introductory Healing Session

Sessions are by Appointment Only

Please Contact Helen to Discuss Available Times


International Clients
Skype Sessions Can Be Arranged

For Your Time Zone


Sydenham 8023

Christchurch, New Zealand


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