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Join us for a Free 1-Hour Webinar Introduction
hosted by Helen White Wolf

Helen White Wolf Meditation Teacher

About the Practice

The Practice of Contemplation and Blessing is an immersive experience in which we fully turn towards, and lean into, the atmospheres and textures of our inner light.

This approach helps bring all aspects of ourselves – beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and the somatic senses of the body - into harmony with our true nature.

In this 1-hour free webinar we will explore the background of the practice,  how it works in our mind-body field, and the many benefits it offers.


The event includes guided processes, that will allow you to feel the effects of this approach first-hand.


This event is likely to be a good fit for you, if you are engaged in non-dual inquiry, practice meditation or mindfulness, or if you are keen to explore the worldview presented in A Course in Miracles


During the webinar we will discuss the connections between

The Practice of Contemplation and BlessingACIM, the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, and Transcendence: Journey of the Soul.

Blessing is the natural expression of the truth

that emanates from the core of our being.

Helen White Wolf

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Who is this approach beneficial for?

The Practice of Contemplation and Blessing is especially useful if you are:

Longing to transition to a new way of perceiving and relating to life, beyond the current paradigm.

Wanting to gain insight into the underlying purpose behind spiritual practices, across traditions.


Committed to embracing your true nature, and open to profound change.


A student of the Course in Miracles seeking to deepen your lived experience of the teachings.

On this FREE 1-Hour Webinar

You will be introduced to the Practice of Contemplation and Blessing, and learn about its powerful effects on your mind-body field,
your experience of life, and the world around you ...

The event includes a guided blessing process,

and meditation with Soul light.

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Introduction to The Practice of Contemplation & Blessing

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