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Helen offers the services listed below in Christchurch, New Zealand.  ​You can find Session Types under the three Categories: Human Energy Field Healing, Soul Centered Psychology, and Meditation.  Click on Session Types to find out more about them.  Session fees are in New Zealand dollars.

To Book an Appointment, Please Use the Box on the Contact Page

or contact Helen via email/phone, as the Automated Bookings Calendar does not reflect actual times available.

Do you want to book a session, but are currently on a low-income? You may be entitled to a subsidy through Work and Income New Zealand.  Contact Helen for details.

Key Things it's Important to Know About
Soul Centered Healing
  • Because Soul Centered Healing and  Soul Coherence Therapy work very deeply, it is best to allow adequate time between sessions for integration. In most instances, sessions can be comfortably spaced between two and four weeks apart.  
  • The number of sessions needed differs between individuals. Generally it is advisable to commit to a series of sessions in order to bring about lasting effects. The reason for this relates to how the human brain works. Research is showing that significant repetition of new skills (or states of awareness) is needed in order to establish connections between neurons in the brain.  Chemical changes (short term) can happen quickly, but long term changes require both repetition and focused application of the new input.
  • The healing that takes place in SCH and SCT sessions sets in motion profound changes in your mind-body field.  For these changes to become permanent, and for them to be fully integrated, it works best to practice Meditation with Light and engage in self-healing processes at home between your sessions.
  • Helen is  developing a range of audio and multi-media resources to assist you in confidently meditating and using self-directed healing practices at home. These are designed to help you gain the most benefit from your Soul Centered Healing experience. 

    Visit the Shop and Classes pages to see what is currently available.