Satsang means 'To sit in the company of Truth'. 

The Truth that sustains the universe and all living beings. 


To be immersed in that which is eternal and not subject to the changes of time.

It is a moment of rest where we come to drink at the well...
to rest in the Light,

And remember the answer to the question 'Who Am I' ?

satsang Online 

Section One: part 1 - Turning

inwards Towards the Self

Section One: part 2 - Love and

the nature of becoming

Section One: Part 3 -

welcoming yourself home

Section two: contemplation and meditation (Aramaic)

satsang with meditation:

knowing yourself as light, love and peace

satsang with meditation:

the heart's intelligence

satsang with meditation:
shifting awareness into 5D & 6D 

satsang: consciousness and
the causal dimensions