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questions and answers

During Questions and Answers, Helen and Rama will be responding to some of the most commonly asked questions about spiritual awakening and the nature of the Self.


Topics covered will include:

  • Non-dual awareness, and enlightenment

  • The transformation of Imprints (samskaras) 

  • Karma and reincarnation 

  • The practice of meditation

  • The mind-body field, and human energy system

  • Individual and collective awakening 

  • Integrating expanded awareness into everyday life

  • Spiritual psychology

  • The Yoga of Union

  • Awakening during the new planetary cycle

Q & A Sessions 

 How To Meditate:  The Essential Ingredients of a life-changing practice

 the question of ultimate reality
& Dropping Interpretation

Making the Transition from 3D and 4D into Fifth Dimensional Awareness

the end of suffering: consciousness and the transformation of the mind-body field

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