Access ... Deep States of Meditation 
Awaken... Your Mind-Body Field
Embody... Your True Self
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This powerful meditation practice
will empower you to: 
Enter deep states of Calm and Stillness
Experience Emotional Comfort, Healing and Transformation
Enjoy the Atmospheres and Textures of Heart Coherence 

Meditating with Soul and Light gives you immediate access to deep healing and transformation.  It effortlessly expands your perception, opens you to a new field of possibility, and carries you in an elevated atmosphere of love.


Meditation with Soul and Light makes possible positive changes in the matter of your mind-body field that would otherwise take decades, or even lifetimes, to achieve.  

These processes are powerful catalysts for healing and awakening. Using them regularly will change your life.                                                                                                                                                 

                                                                         Helen White Wolf

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When You Meditate with SOUL and LIGHT...

You are Bathed in Luminous Frequencies of Love

that Heal and Transform

Your energy centres activate, integrate, and come into balance

Your field begins to soften and flow is re-established


Sadness and fear are released from your body

allowing it to return to a state of joy


You begin to see yourself, your life, and your relationships with increased clarity

Your intuition awakens and you become naturally sensitive and empathic

It becomes easier to stay centered in heart-awareness 


Meditating with SOUL and LIGHT


online study programme Includes:
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  • Video Coaching and Instruction

  • ​Comprehensive Powerpoint Presentations

  • 7 x Guided Meditation Exercises (MP3)

  • 4 x Full-Length Immersion Meditations with soul/Light/Flame/Colour (mp3)

  • Transcripts of the Full-Length Meditations in PDF Format

  • Course Guidebook to Help you Achieve your Meditation Goals (PDF)

  • Introducing Meditation with Light 

  • Understanding Your Energy Field

  • Attuning to the Frequency of the Soul

  • Conscious Breathing

  • the Inner Observer

  • The Power of Intention

  • Embracing Your Emotional Atmospheres


Two versions of each Exercise and Meditation are provided for you,  

giving you the freedom to select the soundscape that works best for you:

1:   Voice  +  Sounds of the Ocean

2:   Voice  + Selected Music/Soundscape