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The practices of Soul Centered Healing, Soul Coherence Therapy, and Meditation with Soul Light are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. If you have a been diagnosed with (or consider you may have) a serious health imbalance, mental health condition, or substance addiction, please seek the advice of a medical doctor, counselor, psychologist or other appropriate professional.  


Some of the methods referred to on this site may be used in conjunction with conventional treatments, but their use must only be undertaken under professional guidance, and as part of an integrated and fully supervised healthcare regime.


The content of this website, and any products available from its online store, are offered as information only, and are not to be taken as medical advice or treatment. Individual results arising from the use of Soul Centered Healing, Soul Coherence Therapy, and Meditation with Light may vary, and any testimonials on this site are not to be considered as promised outcomes for other persons.


Any use of this material is entirely at the individual’s own risk. Helen White Wolf hereby claims freedom from liability regarding the use or misuse of the information and techniques shared on or through this website. 

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