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guided healing meditation


During each Guided Healing Meditation, a safe space is created in which you can go deep within yourself, and experience the flow of grace.

Connecting to the light of consciousness that sustains the body, and receiving the luminous healing qualities of the 12 rays will bring about fundamental shifts in the resonance of your mind-body field.

Effects may include feelings of deep peace, emotional healing and release, increased light within the body, and

a greater sense of divine presence in your daily life.

guided healing meditations

healing meditation with light and isochronic sound

awakening into the causal chakras

meditation with white light

Loving Kindness:  Dissolving the Paradox Between Your Personal Self and Infinite Nonduality

meditation with rose pink and golden light

Heartspace Meditation: Transforming Your Reality Through Heart Coherence

Heartspace Meditation II :
Bringing suffering into the heart

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