Welcome to Consciousness TV!

Helen White Wolf and her husband Rama Shemaya

warmly invite you to explore CTV, a YouTube Channel dedicated to  
your Healing, Transformation and Awakening.



Enjoy access to free resources that will support your entry into the ease and grace of enlightened awareness.


Gain the understanding you need to make the leap from duality to non-dual awareness, and make the profound shift from 3D to 5D and beyond.


Helen and Rama will be sharing a regular program of events that serve the rapid healing of your mind-body field, and assist you in integrating expanded states of consciousness.


Tune into the Soul Immersion Transmissions, and join us for Guided Meditations, Satsang and Q & A.

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This work is amazing!
Helen has been an impeccable guide as she welcomed us into the depth and breadth of the inner experience.  She offered us the opportunity to enter the full inter-dimensionality of the meditative process, creating a gentle and encouraging bridge from concept to openness and integration. 


This generous and loving approach allowed each of us the freedom to come into awareness within the truths of our own stories.  It has been a true blessing to share these awakenings in such a supportive environment.


Anne R
Maine, US

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