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Spiritual Trauma Therapy

Soul-Centered Somatic Integration

Introducing a new approach to the healing of trauma

Spiritual Trauma Therapy is a leading-edge transformative modality that assists in resolving the perceptual divide between our wounded experience of self and our awakened nature.

Group Meditation

About STT

Developed over more than thirty-five year's of intuitive research and hands-on healing practice, Spiritual Trauma Therapy works to restore coherence between our mind-body field and the deeper levels of consciousness. 

Spiritual Trauma Therapy amplifies our somatic experience of luminous kindness, and increases the degree of agency we exercise within our own mind-body system. 

Spiritual Trauma Therapy -

About the Founder

 offers a dynamic synthesis of meditation processes, somatic presencing, breath practices, meridian and eye-movement protocols, and light transmission.

This approach recognises that we are consciousness, first and foremost, and that our physiological expression in form represents only a fraction of the totality of our being.

The STT therapeutic process is founded upon the perspective that our true nature is not a product of brain function, and that we have an innate capacity to free ourselves from past suffering. 

"Through entraining our embodied experience to the compassion of our core light,

we realise that the ultimate safety and security is already present within us.


As the emanation of consciousness from the deepest levels of our being wells up into the circulatory system of our mind-body field, our suffering is transformed into love-essence.

This is a viscerally profound process." 

Helen White Wolf

Unit 1: The Heart of Being
Spiritual Trauma Therapy Practitioner Training

What Does STT Offer?

  • Spiritual Trauma Therapy offers a container of Timeless Spaciousness, Safety, and Kindness, where the natural processes of healing and restoration can take place.

  • Supports the release of traumatic memory in a way that is gentle and safe, increasing our bodily sense of security, and restoring emotional and mental wellbeing. 

  • Can be used as a self-care practice, and as a catalyst for deep healing when used with the guidance of a trained therapist.


Trauma Self-Care and
Spiritual Awakening



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